At P&A Eyecare we care about the world we live in.  That's why we partner with other businesses who think like we do.  Over four billion people wear spectacles around the world.  Every year, countless frames and lenses end up broken and, rather than being repaired, are simply left to landfill.  It is our belief that a more sustainable approach to consumption is needed.  We want to enable our customers to make responsible choices. 


We are passionate about supplying products that are made to last, because the less we consume the less we contribute to the place we call home. 

Our frame collections are manufactured by small independent companies at the forefront of eyewear design.  They only produce what they need.  They use new technologies to reduce waste and improve quality.  And they produce eyewear that is durable and will stand the test of time. 

Sure, we could take a less expensive route.  Many of our competitors still mass produce eyewear from the lowest quality materials, but this fast fashion approach is heavy in consumption.  We believe when you experience the luxurious fit and overall quality of our eyewear you will only want the best sustainable glasses.


Spectacle lenses are also incredibly wasteful.  From the 'demo' lenses that keep our frames in shape during shipping and storage, to the amount of material that gets discarded when lenses are being cut to fit frames.


At P&A Eyecare we offer our customers ZEISS lenses.  One of the many reasons we have chosen ZEISS is because they are committed  to reducing their environmental impact and operating as a sustainable business.  

ZEISS are taking active steps to reduce their plastic waste, paper, water and energy usage, and have committed to become carbon neutral by 2022.

Our industry produces a lot of hard to recycle plastics and the coronavirus pandemic has seen a considerable rise in the use of single-use face masks and other PPE items.  

To do our bit and take responsibility for our plastic waste we have teamed up with Reworked and taken delivery of a recycling box.