Premium Lenses

At P&A Eyecare we supply premium quality lenses and use a range of advanced coatings and treatments to ensure your vision is clear and comfortable. 


As the world's leading manufacturer of precision optics ZEISS Vision Care have combined technical expertise and innovative ideas into exceptional visual experiences for more than 160 years.

From far away to close-up; from telescopes used in Google Earth satellites to electronic microscopes used in research; from professional film camera technology to integrated cameras lenses in mobile phones: Inno­va­tio­n has paved the way in the history of the Carl Zeiss Company.


Some might think that every pair of lenses are the same.  Well, they would be mistaken, because there are many small things – such as measuring and manufacturing precision, quality materials, state-of-the-art technologies and quality checks – that are required to ensure that a pair of glasses is a tool the user can depend on in any situation.

At P&A Eyecare our expert and experienced team make sure we give you the best advice so you can choose the best lenses for your prescription and frame choice. 


Individualised For You

You can't tell whether a spectacle lens is individualised or "off-the-shelf" just by looking at it.  So where does the difference lie?


Even conventional spectacle lenses are to some extent individually tailor-made for the wearer.  That's because we are following a prescription, in other words getting the right lens power in the right position in the selected frame to provide the wearer with better vision.  

When we refer to individually "optimised" lenses we're really talking about taking into account other relevant, personal information about the wearer within the optical design by calculating the ideal lens surfaces for their needs.

To do this we have invested in the latest digital measuring device from ZEISS.  The VISUFIT 1000 uses 9 mutually calibrated cameras to provide a complete 180° view in just one shot.  We capture 45 million points of reference to ensure accurate centration and optimal optical performance. 

Individualised lenses are available as single vision, office/digital and progressive/varifocal;

  • Single Vision - from £245

  • Office / Digital - from £295

  • Progressive / Varifocal - from £495


* Priced per pair including the latest ZEISS DuraVision lens coating.