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We are an award winning Styling Opticians based in Crieff, Scotland.  Known for our personal, friendly approach, we aim to provide all our clients with the best possible service and advice on their eyecare and eyewear.

If you don’t know what suits you.  If you can’t find glasses that fit you or look good.  If you go from optician to optician searching for, but never finding anything you actually feel good about wearing, we can help you!

Are We The Right Opticians For You?

Do you hate choosing new glasses?

Are you bored of the same old style of glasses you see in most opticians?

Do you want a relaxed, personal experience?

Have you had problems seeing clearly out of glasses in the past? 

If so, you have come to the right place.  We will take your problems and find eyewear that will fit you perfectly and make you feel fantastic.

Book Your Eye Examination Now

Our experienced optometrists will carry out a thorough 50 minute eye examination.


Taking the extra time to talk to you, we’ll be able to give you the advice and recommendations that will make a difference to you.

 5 Things You Must Know 

If you are researching opticians and the best eyewear for you, you are in the right place.

To help you make your choice I put together this report;

5 Things You Must Know Before Choosing Your Optician.

Here are 3 Benefits of Visiting P&A Eyecare
  • Professional Expertise

    Our eyewear specialists not only address the technical side of correcting your vision, we also use our years of experience to make your eyewear work with your personal sense of style.  We remove the hassle of choosing new glasses and provide an effortless eyewear experience!

  • Unique Eyewear

    We source new frames and eyewear styles from the some of the worlds most respected eyewear designers.  So you don't need to make do with the usual generic glasses you find in most high street opticians. 

    Our carefully selected collections are different from the rest. 

  • Personal Service

    We take the time to get to know each and every one of our clients, so we can bring to life the unique vision you have for your eyewear.  You’ll see a real, sincere person who is knowledgeable, helpful and passionate about what they do.  Everything is tailored to you.

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