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Duty of Candour



The Duty of Candour Procedure (Scotland) Regulations 2018 (the Regulations) set out a new Duty of Candour. 

The Act and the Regulations require organisations providing health services, care services and social work services in Scotland to follow a formalised procedure when there has been an unintended or unexpected incident that results in death or harm (or additional treatment is required to prevent injury that would result in death or harm). 

The purpose of this new duty is to ensure that providers are open, honest, supportive and providing a person-centred approach.



Full Name of Legal Entity: Strathearn Optical Limited

Name & Address of Service: P&A Eyecare, 46 High Street, Crieff, PH7 3BS


Responsible Person: James Michael


Date of Report: 31/03/2023

To fulfil our duty of candour responsibilities, this report describes the unintended or unexpected incidents that occurred at my/our optometry practice during the last year.

Aims and Objectives: To provide high-quality optometry services to our clients and to improve the eye health of the population. 

Duty of Candour Responsibilities: Our staff are reassured to be open and transparent if things go wrong. All staff are encouraged to familiarise themselves with duty of candour policies which are available to them. The policies identify the practice contact, who should be notified of all incidents (along with NHS Tayside on the quarterly complaints submission) and will conduct an investigation if necessary. 

Unexpected or Unintended Incidents: (0) Zero incidents occurred in the past 12 months.

Actions Taken: N/A

Lessons Learnt: N/A

Signed:  James Michael (Managing Director)

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