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Regular eye examinations do more than establish your prescription for glasses or contact lenses. Your eyes are an indicator of your overall health, so an optometrist is often the first person to identify chronic conditions such as glaucoma, diabetes and high blood pressure, often before you know they exist.

We believe an accurate and safe eye examination takes between 40 - 60 minutes and that all clinical tests including visual fields and pressures should be carried out by an optometrist (rather than an unqualified optical assistant).

The reason we allow longer for your appointment is to give our optometrists more time to find out about you, any concerns you have, what your lifestyle is like and how you use your spectacles. This means we can tailor the advice and solutions we give to you.


Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)

The latest in retinal examinations, Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) is a non-invasive hospital grade imaging technique.  Similar to ultrasound, this state of the art technology uses light waves to capture 3D images of the back of your eye. 


This provides our optometrists with a three dimensional cross-section scan of the back of your eye as well as a retinal photograph, all in one quick scan.  It means we can examine your optic nerve and different retinal layers in greater detail for an even more accurate diagnosis and early detection of eye conditions.  OCT is fantastic for people of all ages and gives both us and you peace of mind that comes from knowing that your eyes are in great condition.

OCT is included as part of our private eye exam fee (there is an optional supplementary charge of £35 for this enhanced service for NHS patients).

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