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Are Your Glasses Ageing You?

Updated: May 15, 2023

It's ironic that we spent the first part of our life trying to look older. Then we spend the rest trying to look younger.

As you age, changing your style and fashion can help you project a more youthful appearance. But did you realise that your current eyewear may be making you look older than you really are? Choosing the right frames can dramatically change your look and take years off your face.

Gai Gherardi, legendary co-founder of l.a.Eyeworks and eyewear icon.

Colour. Shape. Size.

The three most important aspects to consider when choosing new eyewear.

Let's start with Colour.

I believe colour has the ability to dramatically alter your appearance, but it can be one of the most difficult to get right. Many people stick to black and brown frames because they feel safe. They 'go with everything'. But these dark colours can begin to look harsh against the skin, especially as we age.

It is far better to think of your eyewear as an accessory, or make up for your eyes and find a colour that enhances your eye colour and complexion.

If you have a lot of contrast in your look, i.e. porcelain skin and dark hair, then a bold contrasting frame will stand out. But if your natural colouring is softer and you have less contrast between your hair and skin tone then a lighter frame in a pastel shade will be more suited.

Those of you who have embraced the grey in lockdown are in luck! Cooler tones look fabulous against grey hair. Think blue based colours, shades of turquoise or cool pinks and avoid golds, golden browns, yellows and strawberry reds as they can make your skin appear sallow and hair look dull and yellowish.


This is an area where many clients tend towards the familiar. Sticking to their comfort zone. But so often the commercial eyewear that many opticians sell and that so many people wear has been designed for the masses and as a result doesn't truly enhance the face shape of each individual.

Our top tip - it's all about the brow! Choose frames which follow the natural shape of your brow line for a more balanced look. This will open your face up and direct focus to your eyes, below are two fantastic examples of frames working with the wearers brow line.

For ageing women, a gentle 'cat-eye' shape with soft edges draws the eye upward giving an instant face lift. For the older gentleman with a narrowing face a frame that cuts down and in will emphasise the jaw line for a more chiselled look. Your eyewear provides you with the opportunity to enhance your best features and show them off.


As a professional who styles people in eyewear, I find size the easiest aspect to consider. But for many clients this is another hurdle they find difficult to pass without guidance.

The size of your eyewear will not only affect your overall appearance, for example a narrow fitting frame can give the illusion of adding weight to your face, but it will also affect the fit and comfort of your glasses.

The ideal frame should be as wide as the widest part of your face and should sit along your brown line. Any wider and your eyes will look too close together.

You should also consider the depth of your frame. As a general rule a longer face will suit a deeper frame, whereas a shorter face will be better suited to shallower frames, but be careful. Our eyes connect us. They are the first thing we look at when we communicate with each other and there is nothing worse than a pair of glasses that sit too low, or are too narrow and appear to cut off the eyes creating a barrier!

Express Yourself!

Of course, there are exceptions to every rule. Your glasses sit in the middle of your face. You wear them every day for the world to see and they are perfectly placed to express who you are!

It is important that you feel confident in your glasses and purchasing a new pair should be a pleasurable experience.

Let us help!

At P&A Eyecare we have a dedicated styling team who will help you find the perfect pair of glasses. Our unique eyewear styling consultation makes the process of choosing glasses easier.

It allows us to define for you what shape, style and colour of eyewear would work for you from our exclusive collection of frames. It shows you all the eyewear style possibilities that are suitable for you and makes it easy for you to make a decision on your new glasses.

It’s very relaxed and enjoyable, and there’s no obligation to buy at the end of it.

We have a limited number of free styling consultations available each week at our practice in Crieff. Call us on 01764 656285 or email to arrange your appointment.

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