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Premium Handmade Eyewear

Why is it best for you?

In the wild world of consumerism and the never ending choice possibilities we often find ourselves lost when it comes to making a decision on which product is right for us. When we go shopping for one specific thing we often end up buying more than we were planning on, sometimes even getting things that we never needed in the first place. It’s the whole point of marketing. Always used by the big fashion brands. Always trying to convince us that we need something we wouldn't have given a second thought.

When it comes to shopping online, it’s even more tricky. We are bombarded by advertisements and influencers trying to convince us that our life is going to improve as soon as we buy what they tell us to. We get caught up in the moment. We know we can order something and have it delivered the next day. And it’s all just one click away. The endorphin rush that comes with it can become very addictive, instead of living the conscious life we get lost in the idea of having more and more, but in the long run this doesn’t benefit us.

So why don’t we try to slow down, enjoy the little things in life and only get the things we need? Instead of having multiple pairs of shoes, handbags and perfumes that we have to replace often due to the poor quality, why don’t we choose the best products for us and actually have less of them because they will do everything we need them to do without having the multiple choice that never fully satisfies us? The exact same rule applies to choosing the right eyewear and we are here to help you make that journey as simple as possible.

We want you to fall in love with your eyewear and give you access to the best lenses there are, so you can live your life to the fullest without having to worry about needing to replace your glasses every few months because they don’t fit you well or they just keep breaking.

Choosing the right eyewear can be life changing. It doesn’t really matter whether you wear them occasionally, just for concentrated tasks or on a full time basis. They must be comfortable, fit you well, give you the best optical performance possible but also make you feel confident. We believe that there is a perfect frame for everyone and we will always find it for you. There’s no need to compromise by limited availability or the current trends. We want you to feel at your best in the glasses you get from us.

It’s as easy as that.

We’ve got an amazing team of professionals to help you make that happen. We will take you on an eyewear journey you’ve never experienced before and show you frames that you won't see elsewhere. We take pride in our hand picked selection of niche handmade frames that we source from all over the world. We don’t believe in blindly following the trends, because you as you might be aware, they come and go. The fast fashion is already becoming passé. It’s also very harmful for our planet. The mass production of clothes, accessories but also glasses is becoming a very big issue. The manufacturers aim is to meet a massive level of consumption. In other words, producing a lot, prioritising speed but neglecting other factors such as quality, and something that concerns us greatly, often resorting to labor exploitation to meet the required pace. The eyewear industry has not been unaffected by this “trend” and the market has been flooded with cheap glasses manufactured through fast processes, overlooking all of the most important factors like quality and sustainability.

That’s where Slow Fashion emerges, aiming for fashion to develop in a more ethical and sustainable manner, prioritising durable and quality products, responsible production and good working conditions. We like to think the only way forward is to provide sustainable products for everyone. Involvement in the environmental consciousnesses is something we should all be doing in the times that we live in.

As an independent eyewear practice we will always offer you glasses made of sustainable materials and engage with suppliers that can provide high-quality, durable products. We believe it’s our duty to educate you about making the right choices. The optical industry needs to move away from encouraging consumers to buy frames that last a season and then need to be disposed.

When you make a conscience decisions to invest in a better quality pair of glasses, you will be able to enjoy them for longer and quite often you will be choosing a handmade frame that is a one off, something nobody else will have. You will be entering a more exclusive market, making the idea of spending a little more money for the handmade piece of art that you will frame your face with worth while.

At P&A Eyecare we guarantee we will find you a frame that suits, is comfortable to wear and most importantly is going to last.

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