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How Much Do Glasses Cost At P&A Eyecare?

Updated: Jun 1

This is one of the most common questions we hear from new clients. So I thought I would I answer it as honestly as possible. However, if anything is unclear we're always happy to answer your specific questions individually. Just contact us and one of the team will be at your service!

How Much Do Glasses Cost At P&A Eyecare?

The real answer is it depends.

It depends on what type of frame you choose and what your prescription and lens requirements are. The good news is there are plenty of options and we help clients every week who previously went to opticians like Vision Express and Boots Opticians. They end up spending just a little more than they did at the chain stores to get something that they really like.

We specialise in niche eyewear. Our frames are superior quality, handmade, of fantastic design and different from the usual main stream brands. So they do cost a little more than the normal designer brand names that are mass produced and that you see everywhere.

Our frames start at around £95, our most popular frame collections are in the £195 - £395 price point and for more luxurious and exclusive pieces there are plenty of choices at the higher end.

The lenses we work with are also the highest quality available so that our clients benefit from the best possible vision. Our team of experts will consult with you and guide you though the options available based on your personal vision requirements, so that you can decide what is best for you in terms of the quality of the lens you want versus how much you want to invest in your eyewear.

If you wear single vision lenses for distance or reading, our premium lenses start at £145 and go up to £395. There are basic single vision lenses available from £95.

If you wear varifocal lenses our premium lenses start from £345 and go up to £695. Basic varifocal lenses are available from as little as £195.

All lens prices include fully coated lenses for optimum clarity and protection against daily wear and tear.

These prices may be more than you have paid for glasses elsewhere however our clients feel they are getting more for their money at P&A Eyecare. They have glasses that make them look good and feel great! And for a product that could last 2,3 or even 4 years the amount people spend on glasses at P&A Eyecare represents a good investment.

In addition to choices when it comes to how much you invest in your eyewear, we also can spread the payments for your glasses over 3 to 9 months with no extra cost and with no hassle. That way you can get the glasses that are best for you without having to compromise or delay.

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